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Dorset Wedding Photographer – Your Wedding Story

From beginning to end there are characters, heightened moments of joy, quiet moments of thought, fleeting expressions of surprise, awe, enjoyment … A wedding day is an inspiring tapestry of feelings, relationships, little details, finishing touches, fun, smiles and happiness.

Your story. Your day. Your special memories. Wedding photography is all about capturing you as a couple; your love for each other and your friends and family who you choose to celebrate with. It’s an emotional process I am privileged to be a part of and not unlike illustrating a fairytale.

As a dorset wedding photographer photojournalist, I blend unobtrusively into the framework of your big day, working quietly in the background to document every aspect and to provide a lasting and emotional record of your day, as seen through your eyes and the eyes of your guests. I choose to work with couples I have a genuine rapport with and each and every wedding I photograph is a real honour.

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dorset wedding photographer first dance bride

What to look for in good Wedding Photographers

Just thinking about organising a wedding photographer for your big day? Most of the tips below go without saying, but it’s so easy to forget these things in all the excitement, so I thought I’d write them down just in case.

Timing – Punctuality is crucial in all good photographers, but with weddings there is slightly more to it. Very often a wedding photographer will have to dash between venues, obviously be in the right place in the right time throughout the day and have the flexibility to adapt to any changes in schedule.

Experience – This should go without saying, but make sure any prospective photographer has experience in weddings. Wedding photography is a particular art, involving not just skills in composition and behind the lens, but people skills, intuitive skills and a often knowledge of protocol, timings and wedding etiquette.

Proof – By this I mean Testimonials, thank-you notes etc. from previous Brides and Grooms. All good wedding photographers will have these readily to hand and usually on their website as well.

Portfolio – It’s really important to see previous work by your photographer, it’s unlikely you’ll have to ask, but make sure they show you albums and shots from other weddings. This is not just to check they can take a good photo, but more importantly that you like your photographer’s wedding Style and the type of pictures they take.

Personality – This might sound unnecessary, but it’s important. You are in essence inviting this person to your wedding. Make sure you meet with them, or at least speak with them. Have confidence in their ability first and foremost, but don’t forget you also have to like them. They will be sharing your big day with you and your family, so choose someone you can all get along with!

The Ideal Photographers Wedding

This is designed to give you a little of the photographer wedding perspective; an idea of what we are looking for when we photograph a wedding and it’s not what you might expect.

Kindly note, this is taken from my own personal opinion and experience. Firstly it is really important to like and get along with the couple. I have been extremely lucky in that I have enjoyed a great rapport with all my Brides and Grooms and this really does make my job so much easier. Secondly, a good wedding for me is always one where I feel welcome. I specialise in an unobtrusive style that lets me mingle with family and guests and capture a real sense of the wedding day atmosphere, fun and highlights. Again, in seven years all of my couples and their guest have made me feel incredibly comfortable. I really appreciate this, especially since I have always been catered for as well. It can be such a shame to have to leave a wedding to nip out and find lunch and possibly miss a magic photo opportunity.

That’s about it; lovely Bridal Party, welcoming guests and to be included in the swing of things and I’m a very happy wedding photographer with all I need to do a wonderful job. Strangely enough when I sat down to write this list the usual clichés didn’t appear, for example ‘good weather’. In my experience the weather rarely gets in the way of a good time on the day. It may be a concern in the run up, but on the day everyone is too happy to let it spoil things. Sunny skies are always lovely, but never essential; after all I am predominately photographing people and emotions, not the weather.

“Howard’s style of photography is truly wonderful. He is never pushy or domineering, however, he always gets the perfect shots, the special moments and captures everything at its best.”

— Polly Smith, Blue Bay Event, Dorset

“Fantastic photos – really captured the atmosphere of the day.”

— Emma & Matt, Dorset

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As a wedding photographer living on the Jurassic Coast, I’ve been luckily enough to photograph some truly beautiful weddings in Berkshire, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, London, Somerset, West Sussex and further afield for the past seven years. Some spectacular, some warm and joyous, others quirky and stylish, but all absolutely beautiful. It’s my job to record that beauty for posterity and I love it!

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