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It is the personal and very human aspect of wedding photography that makes it so special to me and that is something I happily carry through into the rest of my work. Being a family man I especially enjoy the fun of a family shoot. I understand it will be unpredictable, but I also know that some great moments can come about as a result. I believe family shoots should be fun and un-staged and I achieve some really great results from this approach.

Family shoots don’t have to be stressful. Gone are the days of staged studio shoots with children strapped into their Sunday best and parents grinning through clenched teeth as no one is looking at the camera. I say, let’s have some fun! Families are about fun, about smiling and laughing together and about looking at each other, not the camera.
Living on the south coast we are in a beautiful part of the world, so let’s enjoy it and make it part of the shoot. Whether it’s wellingtons in the woods in autumn; sun, sea and silliness in the summer or messing around on bikes in a meadow full of spring flowers, there are so many ways families can have fun together that can make for really great pictures and memories to treasure.
So why use a professional photographer when you’re always out and about taking pictures of the kids anyway? Firstly: Quality, high resolution, beautiful composition and all the necessary behind the scenes work to correct colours and really bring the best out of a shot. Secondly: It sometimes takes a professional eye to really capture the essence of what makes a family tick and to picture the unique bonds at play. Thirdly: The most obvious – you can all be in the pictures, no one is behind the camera but me.  

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