Portraiture Photography

Portrait Photographer

Beauty Photographer

Clearly Portraiture and Beauty are important elements of any bridal shoot. I love taking photos that really expose the personality and emotions of a person and so this allows for great freedom when shooting portraits and beauty.

I find the most striking portraits are the most honest photos and so as a photojournalist I do all I can to document the real person; to tease out those special moments and expressions that really reveal something about a person.

It may not seem like it, but there are a lot of different types of portrait. I like to discuss ideas and decide on lighting and setting with clients before we do a shoot. Then, when we are actually shooting, I can experiment with different angles, lighting, expressions etc. as are fitting with the photos I am taking.

Very often the type of portrait is determined by the intended viewer; is it for a loved one? Should it be stylised to reflect a personal style? Is it needed as a corporate image or profile picture? Portraits can be a very personal thing; personality really tends to shine through during a portrait shoot and for many people seeing themselves starting back at them can be uncomfortable.

Therefore I take a selection of portrait pictures with clients looking both at and away from the camera; sometimes in profile, sometimes glancing over a shoulder, day-dreaming or even mid-conversation, I do whatever it takes to get the perfect picture that really exposes who they are and which crucially, that they are very happy looking at and showing to others.

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