Shilstone House Wedding Photographer in Devon

Shilstone House Wedding Photographer

Shilstone House Wedding Photographer – Gail & Ben

I was lucky enough to be the Shilstone House wedding photographer for Gail & Ben in Devon. This place was a complete ruin a few years ago. The current owners have lovingly and completely rebuilt this place from the ground up. It’s fabulous!

There are panelled rooms. Gorgeous portland stone floors. Acres of gardens. Along with extensive grounds. Further information about Shilstone House can be found by clicking here. Here are a few favourites from the day.

Devon Wedding Photographer Howard_Lucas_Wedding_Photographer_20110621-0010

Devon Wedding Photographer Howard_Lucas_Wedding_Photographer_20110621-0014

Devon Wedding Photographer Howard_Lucas_Wedding_Photographer_20110621-0031

Devon Wedding Photographer Howard_Lucas_Wedding_Photographer_20110621-0040

Devon Wedding Photographer Howard_Lucas_Wedding_Photographer_20110621-0001

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27 thoughts on “Shilstone House Wedding Photographer in Devon

  1. This is such a beautiful new venue. Visited it a couple of weeks ago and can’t wait to visit again soon.

  2. Beautifully natural images you’ve captured there. The shots in that large empty room with the bride, bride/groom looking into the light are really nice and the champagne with the fire roaring in the background is soooo inviting!!!

  3. Wonderful Images, This is a venue I’d like to work at. Love the rooms, you’ve used the space really well.

  4. A stunning selection Howard your images tell the story of a beautiful day, the shot of the bride against the large wall is wonderful.

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