Jane & Gareth – Warbrook House Wedding

This is a difficult post to write about my photography at Warbrook House Hampshire for a couple of reasons. The saddest reason I’ll come to nearer the end. Originally I wasn’t supposed to be photographing this wedding. I was invited as a guest. Jane being my cousin made this wedding extra special.

We’d arrived at this Hampshire wedding venue, Warbrook House, the night before to make a weekend of the event. We met up with close family for a drink to get the celebrations going early. It was lovely. Late in the morning on the day of the wedding, I received a phone call while we were getting ready. It was the best man. He told me that the photographer they’d booked to cover the day hadn’t turned up. He couldn’t make contact with him either. He asked me if I’d be able to photograph Jane during her bridal preparations. I, of course, said yes. Luckily I had a small selection of camera equipment with me.

I rushed up to the main house. Jane was getting ready here and away we went. It was whilst photographing the groom and groomsmen that the best-man informed us that he’d finally made contact with the booked wedding photographer. He had told him that he wasn’t booked for the wedding at all. Even though he had received payment in full. I carried on with photography until after the ceremony. At this point, the booked photographer turned up. He took a couple of group shots and left! I can’t imagine he was there for more than half an hour.

I happily carried on after he left. Capturing guests having fun. The very funny & emotional speeches. The first dance as well as the details. I’m not going to say in this post who the booked photographer was. If you really want to know message me. As far as I know, the refund he promised still hasn’t materialised.

Sadly this isn’t the end of the story either. Gareth was about to undergo further treatment for invasive cancer after the wedding. They had even postponed their honeymoon for this to start. Unfortunately a short 4 weeks after they were married Gareth passed away. RIP Gareth & much love to my beautiful cousin Jane. x

P.S Since I wrote this post there has been a feature on BBC1’s The OneShow about the photographer in question.

Updated 04/08/2011 I have found out today from various sources. Including a bride-to-be that the firm in question has gone bust. They are calling all the couples that have booked to tell them as much. So if you’ve had a call from Mel or someone else from H & D Weddings and need to make alternative arrangements please get in touch. If I’m not available for your date I know plenty of decent & talented photographers. They may be available to provide Hampshire wedding photography.

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6 thoughts on “Jane & Gareth – Warbrook House Wedding

  1. Great shots Howard, especially considering you stepped in last minute. You’ve captured the emotion of a precious day that your cousin will no doubt cherish forever.A very sad story indeed.

  2. Considering the short notice you did a sterling job Howard.A truly shocking story to read from a photography point of view, with such a sad ending.
    They were lucky to have you there to capture their big day.


    • Thanks Pete. It’s totally unbelievable what he did and he was so rude to my wife when he arrived. I’m so glad I was able to photograph for them.

  3. Great photos as always, Howard. I am just sorry that anyone would in good consious think this is acceptable behaviour. I saw the OneShow. . . .shocking.
    Lots of love to Jane and your family. I am glad you were there to take these beautiful pictures for them.


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